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Price: 3,600.00


New ebony Steinhoven piano. A beautiful instrument, with understated brass fittings and details by the pedals. The quality of sound produced by this piano is excellent. Hearing is believing.


Price: 3,600.00


A beautifully presented new upright piano with understated brass detailing surrounding the pedals. Piano has a soft close fall - to protect little fingers, and a practice pedal to substantially...

Steinhoven 110

Was: 2,500.00

Now: 1,995.00

Model 110 piano

Our entry level new piano. A little beauty - quality at an exceptional price. With three pedals, including a practise pedal and soft close fall to protect those little fingers. The tone and clarity...

Steinhoven 121

Steinhoven 121 black

Price: 2,995.00

Steinhoven 121 upright piano

The most popular piano in the Steinhoven range - and our biggest selling piano. A very attractively priced, high quality upright piano. The beautiful tone and consistency across the range of octaves

Steinhoven 131

Price: 3,600.00

Model 131 piano

The beautiful tone and consistency across the range of octaves, ensure this piano is the top of the Steinhoven range.

Steinhoven 148

Was: 7,500.00

Now: 6,750.00

Model GP148

Steinhoven 170 018

Was: 7,950.00

Now: 7,500.00

Model GP170