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May Berlin 121 Tradition

May Berlin Upright Piano

Price: €4,150.00

The most popular within the May Berlin range.

This piano stands for quality, as borne out by traditional music tests by major periodicals in France "The construction of the tonal balance is pleasantly underlined by a series of fine and round...

Schimmel C116 Tradition

Schimmel c116 tradition

Price: €9,900.00

Small details – great effect

What makes this piano the best-seller of all Schimmel models? Perhaps because this instrument possesses the ideal combination of reliability, playability, tonal quality and elegance. The model C 116...

Schimmel C120 Tradition

Schimmel C120 tradition

Price: €11,670.00

Convincing clarity

It is music in our ears when the French musical periodical Le Monde de la Musique* describes the model series as “evidence for the great tradition of piano manufacture in Germany,” and further:...

Schimmel C124 Tradition

Schimmel C124 tradition

Price: €

Harmony in form and performance

What happens when the principle of the “golden section” is transferred to a piano? Balanced models such as the C 124 Tradition or the Tradition Oval. In art and architecture, the golden section is...

Schimmel C124 Tradition Oval

Schimmel C124 tradition oval

Price: €

Natural Beauty

A piano is more then an instrument: it can prehaps be termed a synthesis of the aural and visual arts. For our C124 Tradition Oval model we have selected only the best exotic woods with exclusive...

Schimmel K169 Tradition (5'7)

Schimmel K169 Tradition (5'7)

Price: €32,500.00

On the world of wonderful tonal colours

What sounds like a pedantic obsession with detail is the basis of rich tonal worlds for the piano experts at Schimmel: all 88 hammer-heads of each upright and grand piano are pricked with voicing...

Schimmel K189 Tradition (6'3)

Schimmel grand K189 Tradition (6'3)

Price: €37,000.00

The fount of good sound

For many people, thirteen is a mystical number. This number certainly provides Schimmel instruments with a magic gloss. This is because we utilise a traditional piano varnish which is applied in...

Schimmel K213 Tradition (7'0)

Schimmel K213 Tradition (7'0

Price: €44,500.00

The fount of good sound

Here we must first give our thanks to Bartolomeo Christofori who invented the hammer technique in 1700 which heralded the birth of the pianoforte. Ever since, piano makers have been searching for the...