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The May Berlin name is associated with over 140 years of piano manufacturing, and the brand has been owned by Schimmel for a couple of decades.

The May Berlin piano series represents a solid and robust investment, affordable for those with a modest budget, and an excellent alternative to a previously owned piano. This series of pianos gives a very favourable price:performance ratio, made possible through the manufacture of these pianos in China according to Schimmel specifications and standards. All instruments then receive their finishing touches and undergo a strict final quality control in Bruaunschweig, Germany.

This guarantees you are buying an instrument of intrinsic value for which Schimmel vouches with its name.

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May 121 Modern

May Berlin Modern upright piano

Price: 4,450.00

Modern, noble and timeless

Designed under the ethos that "less is more", the May 121 Modern is fashioned without any embellishments allowing the clean lines to convey its understated elegance. The beauty of this timeless...

May 121 Tradition

May Berlin Upright Piano

Price: 4,150.00

The most popular within the May Berlin range.

This piano stands for quality, as borne out by traditional music tests by major periodicals in France "The construction of the tonal balance is pleasantly underlined by a series of fine and round...