Vogel by Schimmel

Breathing new life into old traditions

Vogel pianos

Vogel by Schimmel are manufactured in Kalisz, Poland, under the stringent quality control and management of Schimmel.

Vogel pianos offer a balanced feeling of playing and a corresponding tone quality which owes a great deal to the high quality components originating in Schimmel, Brunswick - e.g. the Schimmel action, keyboards and soundboards.

There is no better European manufacturer of upright pianos which are so attractively priced for the quality-conscious consumer.

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Vogel 115 Modern

Vogel 115 modern piano


Timeless design, reliable quality - and a hint of nostalgia. This is the re-issue of our classic model which already enjoyed great popularity during the years of the German economic boon. Shown in...

Vogel 115 Tradition

Vogel 115 piano


The Pianiste (issue 10, 2005) evaluated the V115 tradition as "The general tone of the instrument is extremley pleasant, open and very musical. It is amazing that a piano within this price segment...