Schimmel Classic

Schimmel Classic

The most frequently played German made piano

Schimmel pianos

Music is the sound that thinks”: a quotation by Victor Hugo.

We go a step further: music is the sound that feels and moves our most inner soul. This conviction has helped to ensure that the most frequently played pianos produced in Germany are made by Schimmel. The firm’s instruments are utilised in countless institutions and numerous private customers set great store by the name of Schimmel. In addition, we have received a large number of awards for our pianos in instrument tests.

This success is primarily based on our long-established classic piano series, all equipped with tonally enhancing characteristics. The dynamic bar ensures optimum energy efficiency in the soundboard and therefore also an extended dynamic tonal spectrum and notes with a longer speaking duration. The three-dimensionally strung Schimmel soundboards produce ideal vibration properties which guarantee harmonic and rich tonal colours, extended speaking lengths and an excellent tuning stability. The multiplex soundposts developed by Schimmel which guarantee the extraordinary tuning stability of the instruments have found many imitators. The system of levers in the Schimmel keyboards were also constructed and optimised with the aid of CAPE software (Computer Assisted Piano Engineering) developed by Schimmel: a further guarantee for a balanced touch

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C116 Tradition

Schimmel c116 tradition

Price: €9,900.00

Small details – great effect

What makes this piano the best-seller of all Schimmel models? Perhaps because this instrument possesses the ideal combination of reliability, playability, tonal quality and elegance. The model C 116...

C120 Tradition

Schimmel C120 tradition

Price: €11,670.00

Convincing clarity

It is music in our ears when the French musical periodical Le Monde de la Musique* describes the model series as “evidence for the great tradition of piano manufacture in Germany,” and further:...

C124 Royal

Schimmel C124 Royal


Majestic in tone and design

Taste is the art of an understanding for detail – and also of presenting this detail in accomplished fashion. The exceptional personality of the model Royal is characterised by the model’s piano legs...

C124 Royal Intarsie Flora

C124 Royal Intarsie Flora


Majestic in tone and design

It is details which characterise the perfection of Schimmel instruments, but perfection is anything but a detail itself. Specialists invest a great deal of time and their entire range of abilities...

C124 Tradition

Schimmel C124 tradition


Harmony in form and performance

What happens when the principle of the “golden section” is transferred to a piano? Balanced models such as the C 124 Tradition or the Tradition Oval. In art and architecture, the golden section is...

C124 Tradition Oval

Schimmel C124 tradition oval


Natural Beauty

A piano is more then an instrument: it can prehaps be termed a synthesis of the aural and visual arts. For our C124 Tradition Oval model we have selected only the best exotic woods with exclusive...