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High quality pianos for less then 1000

These previously owned English upright pianos are an ideal first piano.  Selected for their instrumental quality - these pianos provide a quality performance at a very keen price. 

  • All piano actions are overstrung underdamper, and have been carefully selected, prepared and tuned by our technicians 
  • All prices include our standard piano package
  • Should you wish to upgrade your piano we give an 80% trade-in allowance on the original price paid for your instrument
  • Many of these pianos are at concert pitch and suitable for beginner and intermediate students

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Spreading the cost...

Helping you buy the piano of your dreams

Many of our pianos are available to buy using our attractive "spread-the-cost" option.  This requires a 40% deposit and the balance spread over the remaining 12 months.

For example:

Steinhoven 113 upright piano in walnut - our price €2495.

  1. Deposit of 40% required on delivery of the piano - €998
  2. Balance of €1497 spread over the next 12 months - €124.75 per month
  3. Delivery and piano stool included in the package.


Pianos available from 30 per month....

Our popular rent-to-buy scheme enables parents to spread the cost of their piano and minimise costs should lessons not prove popular. 

  • Choose from a wide range of previously owned instruments
  • Rental costs are 3% of the RRP of the piano per month 
  • Should you wish to purchase your piano within the first year all rental costs will be deducted from the purchase price

Further details and Rent-to Buy Terms and Conditions

Private purchases.....

If you choose to purchase your piano privately we recommend

  • Have the piano assessed by a qualified piano technician - they can check for woodworm (often found hidden in the action), split soundboard, loose tuning pians etc
  • Remember to add the cost of moving and tuning to your outlay
  • Do you require the piano to be at concert pitch - if so ensure this is feasible
  • Ensure the piano has an overstrung underdamper action
  • Obtain a quote for any repairs required prior to purchase - these will not be covered by the "it only needs an old tune-up"!!

When offered a "free" piano - always remember it costs approximately €100 to legally dispose of a piano plus the inconvenience and costs of transport!!