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Kemble KC173 Grand Piano

Price: 24,841.00

Durability and tuning stability

Built to provide years of playing pleasure. Comes with many tone enriching features including a duplex scale and a metal tone collector. Craftsmen sensitively regulate, tune and voice each grand to...

Schimmel K169 Tradition (5'7)

Schimmel K169 Tradition (5'7)

Price: 32,500.00

On the world of wonderful tonal colours

What sounds like a pedantic obsession with detail is the basis of rich tonal worlds for the piano experts at Schimmel: all 88 hammer-heads of each upright and grand piano are pricked with voicing...

Schimmel K189 Tradition (6'3)

Schimmel grand K189 Tradition (6'3)

Price: 37,000.00

The fount of good sound

For many people, thirteen is a mystical number. This number certainly provides Schimmel instruments with a magic gloss. This is because we utilise a traditional piano varnish which is applied in...

Schimmel K213 Tradition (7'0)

Schimmel K213 Tradition (7'0

Price: 44,500.00

The fount of good sound

Here we must first give our thanks to Bartolomeo Christofori who invented the hammer technique in 1700 which heralded the birth of the pianoforte. Ever since, piano makers have been searching for the...

Schimmel Otmar Alt Edition Grand


In collaboration with the world-renowned artist and sculptor Otmar Alt, Nikolaus W. Schimmel introduced a colorful and fanciful instrument with the ability to charm the senses.

Schimmel Pegasus Grand


Designed by Professor Luigi Colani

Nothing feels more comfortable in our hand than a stone worn smooth by the ocean tides to an ovoid shape. Nothing is more aesthetic than the sweeping form of a sand dune shaped by the wind. This...

Schimmel Transparent grand


Introduced in 1951 as the worlds first grand with cabinetry of transparent acrylic plastic. The acrylic grand stands as one of the companies image builders, an outstanding achievement in German piano...

Steinhoven 148

Was: 7,500.00

Now: 6,750.00

Model GP148

Steinhoven 170 018

Was: 7,950.00

Now: 7,500.00

Model GP170

Kawai 042

Price: 9,700.00


A beautifully presented Kawai Grand Piano, with minimal action wear. This piano has been housed in a residential environment and used infrequently. The action and casework are immaculate, the sound...


Price: 39,950.00

Rosewood Steinway grand

A beautifully restored Steinway model A grand piano. The rosewood finish on this instrument is extremley rare and beautifully polished. The instrument has been professionally restored by piano...

Yamaha Grand

Price: 9,950.00

6 foot pre-owned Yamaha grand piano

Yamaha Grand Disklavier

white yamaha grand disklavier

Price: 18,000.00

White Yamaha Grand Disklavier

Unusual white grand piano disklavier piano. Relax and enjoy a self playing piano - wide range of discs available direct from Yamaha. Great savings to be had by buying a previuosly owned piano

Yamaha 044

Price: 9,950.00