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Bentley Upright piano

Price: 1,600.00

A very nice example of a Bentley piano

A lovely clean modern bentley piano, a nice mellow tone and compact in size.


Price: 1,650.00

Immaculate pre-owned Kemble piano

This well cared for Kemble piano comes complete with "The Kemble Sound".... A lovely mellow piano with little wear and a nice even touch across the octaves


Price: 1,150.00

Small upright piano

This small upright British made piano made by Kemble pianos. These pianos are known for there rich mellow tone and are constructed from high quality materials

Rogers Piano

Price: 1,550.00

A excellent piano - in a 70s contempory case

This British made piano is very well presented - a nice clean case, lovely even action and a mellow tone. It comes in a un-offensive clean 70s case - with a very 70s dynamic logo!! A great instrument...


Price: 1,600.00

An immaculate pre-owned modern piano

This immaculately presented pre-owned steinmeyer is presented as new. With little wear to the action, a nice even touch - this piano offers fantastic value for money. A great buy for a young piano...


Price: 1,250.00

Small art deco piano

A really nicely presented Zender piano (probably made by Bentley) with a lovely tone. As always Zender utilising unusual wood with a lovely rich grain.