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Schimmel C124 Royal

Schimmel C124 Royal

Price: €

Majestic in tone and design

Taste is the art of an understanding for detail – and also of presenting this detail in accomplished fashion. The exceptional personality of the model Royal is characterised by the model’s piano legs...

Schimmel C124 Royal Intarsie Flora

C124 Royal Intarsie Flora

Price: €

Majestic in tone and design

It is details which characterise the perfection of Schimmel instruments, but perfection is anything but a detail itself. Specialists invest a great deal of time and their entire range of abilities...

Schimmel C124 Tradition

Schimmel C124 tradition

Price: €

Harmony in form and performance

What happens when the principle of the “golden section” is transferred to a piano? Balanced models such as the C 124 Tradition or the Tradition Oval. In art and architecture, the golden section is...

Schimmel C124 Tradition Oval

Schimmel C124 tradition oval

Price: €

Natural Beauty

A piano is more then an instrument: it can prehaps be termed a synthesis of the aural and visual arts. For our C124 Tradition Oval model we have selected only the best exotic woods with exclusive...

Schimmel Otmar Alt Edition Grand

Price: €

In collaboration with the world-renowned artist and sculptor Otmar Alt, Nikolaus W. Schimmel introduced a colorful and fanciful instrument with the ability to charm the senses.

Schimmel Pegasus Grand

Price: €

Designed by Professor Luigi Colani

Nothing feels more comfortable in our hand than a stone worn smooth by the ocean tides to an ovoid shape. Nothing is more aesthetic than the sweeping form of a sand dune shaped by the wind. This...

Schimmel Transparent grand

Price: €

Introduced in 1951 as the worlds first grand with cabinetry of transparent acrylic plastic. The acrylic grand stands as one of the companies image builders, an outstanding achievement in German piano...

Price: €

Bentley pre-owned English

Was: €1,600.00

Now: €950.00

Very clean petite piano

English made nicely presented petite piano. A lovely sound, and quite art deco in design. 85 note keyboard

Condition: Pre-owned

Berry Petite Piano

Price: €999.00

Small upright piano

This small but perfectly formed piano would be ideal for a child starting or an adult very short on space. A lovely lively sound from this instrument.

Bentley pre-owned English School model

Price: €1,000.00

A sturdy and strong piano

This school model piano was built to last - and would be ideal for a home or institutional environment!! Manufactured by the highly regarded Bentley piano company in England, this piano has a mellow...

Condition: pre-owned


Price: €1,150.00

Small upright piano

This small upright British made piano made by Kemble pianos. These pianos are known for there rich mellow tone and are constructed from high quality materials


Price: €1,250.00

Neat clean modern piano

This small pianos was most probably manufactured by Bentley in the 1980s in the UK. Very clean and neat, this piano has minimal wear and would suit an intermediate player.


Price: €1,250.00

Small art deco piano

A really nicely presented Zender piano (probably made by Bentley) with a lovely tone. As always Zender utilising unusual wood with a lovely rich grain.

Crane and sons

Price: €1,250.00

A nice clean small piano

A lovely piano, clean with a rich tone.

Rogers Piano

Price: €1,550.00

A excellent piano - in a 70s contempory case

This British made piano is very well presented - a nice clean case, lovely even action and a mellow tone. It comes in a un-offensive clean 70s case - with a very 70s dynamic logo!! A great instrument...

Bentley Upright piano

Price: €1,600.00

A very nice example of a Bentley piano

A lovely clean modern bentley piano, a nice mellow tone and compact in size.


Price: €1,600.00

An immaculate pre-owned modern piano

This immaculately presented pre-owned steinmeyer is presented as new. With little wear to the action, a nice even touch - this piano offers fantastic value for money. A great buy for a young piano...


Price: €1,650.00

Immaculate pre-owned Kemble piano

This well cared for Kemble piano comes complete with "The Kemble Sound".... A lovely mellow piano with little wear and a nice even touch across the octaves

Steinhoven 110

Was: €2,500.00

Now: €1,995.00

Model 110 piano

Our entry level new piano. A little beauty - quality at an exceptional price. With three pedals, including a practise pedal and soft close fall to protect those little fingers. The tone and clarity...


Price: €2,250.00

480 upright Kawai piano

Unusual upright piano - with a real sense of character. Lovely tone, excellent instrument.

Steinhoven 121

Steinhoven 121 black

Price: €2,995.00

Steinhoven 121 upright piano

The most popular piano in the Steinhoven range - and our biggest selling piano. A very attractively priced, high quality upright piano. The beautiful tone and consistency across the range of octaves

Yamaha Upright

Was: €3,650.00

Now: €3,300.00

U1 model

The Yamaha U series have long been the choice for educational institutions, professional pianists and home pianists. A perennial favourite among discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1 offers outstanding...

Yamaha B1 Upright Piano

Price: €3,456.00

Redefining the word value!

Yamaha's most affordable piano ever. No corners cut, no compromises made in material or workmanship. Simply, a fully featured Yamaha piano but at a lower price

Yamaha Upright

Price: €3,500.00

U3 model

The Yamaha U series have long been the choice for educational institutions, professional pianists and home pianists. An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the U3 extended power and...